University of Manchester

We were delighted to help the UoM IT Directorate Comms team in this task by creating a set of tools to explain why, how and when the process will happen. 

IT Modernisation is part of the University of Manchester's 2020 strategic plan. Across all aspects of the University, digital platforms and technologies play a key part in how students and staff expect to access services and information. 


Becoming a Digital University Together

Working hand in hand with the University team we started with a discovery session working through the key communications challenges, practicalities and defining what the desired outcomes of the project.

The University's programme of change had to be communicated to a wide range of stakeholders in a simple an engaging way so we helped distill the plan into a series of core messages - Leading with Becoming a Digital University Together.

From this we created a script for an animation giving an overview of the project, key milestones and how it will happen.  The animation itself was developed by our in-house illustrators and animators, creating a range of characters experiencing the change. 

The long-term nature of the project meant the team needed practical tools they could edit and update themselves so we created a powerpoint with the same look and feel as the animation, incorporating animated gifs with a layout that gave them a consistent, flexible and accessible approach to presentations.

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