For 2019 Creative Concern is offering a new ‘Goodscribes’ service to help bring your ideas to life in a fun, visual and engaging way. Our team of live scribe illustrators can turn your discussions, workshops and events into highly visual, high impact illustrated artwork.

Live Scribing Workshop

There are two different service offers. Both capture the essence, key themes and main outputs of your event through live illustration, the only choice is whether you'd like us to facilitate your workshop too.

Facilitated ‘live draw’ workshop

Creative Concern will facilitate a workshop with your team and bring a ‘goodscribe’ to visualise and live draw the workshop to create a unique piece of illustrative artwork. After the event, the illustration will be digitised and supplied as assets for dissemination of the workshop findings and wider marketing.

Live scribing

The second service does not involve Creative Concern facilitating your workshop, but a creative team of two would come along to capture, distil and illustrate the event. At the end of the event you would have a unique piece of artwork, alongside a visual representation of the key findings. We would also digitise and provide the drawn assets for your wider use.

Live scribing by one of our Goodscribes

The technique is ideal for:

– Visioning workshops

– Brainstorming sessions 

– Team away days

– Strategy workshops

– Campaign planning

– Conferences and events 

Interested? Please get in touch to discuss your live scribe requirements and we can tailor a package to meet your needs.

Live scribing at a conference by one of our Goodscribes
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