Arriving happy in Merseyside

In January 2018, we helped Liverpool City Region transport chiefs launch a powerful new campaign to promote the health and wellbeing benefits of walking and cycling to work on so-called ‘Blue Monday’, the UK’s ‘saddest day’ of the year.

The launch of the first ‘Arrive Happy’ campaign took place at the vibrant Avenue HQ in Liverpool. Walkers, cycling groups, mental health campaigners, health experts and local businesses were on hand to explain how walking or cycling for just 10 minutes a day as part of your commute to work, can help to lift your mood, give you more energy, reduce your stress levels and help you sleep better, too.

Many of the campaign's ambassadors – who can seen in the advertising campaign across the region for months to come – were on hand to talk to fellow commuters about the small changes they have made to their daily commutes to improve their health and wellbeing and share their top tips for getting started.

Arrive Happy, backed by Merseytravel, runs through to July 2018.