Action Oak

Action Oak
A refreshed website for Plant Health Week 2024
Web design, digital graphics, website development, film

We were super thrilled to work with the team at Action Oak on a new refreshed website, ready to launch for Plant Health Week 2024.

After a review of their existing site, we worked with the team to restructure content and also to create some new digital elements to provide a fresh look and feel, to help promote Action Oak's mission and their growing resources and projects portfolio.

Action Oak work with partners on a mission to lead the vital work and research needed to protect the UK’s native oak trees and safeguard their future. We worked with the team to design and build a new website, developed in Squarespace, with a new oak tree inspired identity to help showcase the valuable work of Action Oak.

We also created a short film to promote Action Oak’s vision for a UK where our native oak trees are protected and flourish, both now and in the future.

We love their vision and wholeheartedly support them in their mission! Find out more on the Action Oak website.

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