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Barts Charity
A high impact campaign to raise awareness of the issue of trauma for Barts Charity

Trauma is the one of the biggest causes of death and disability in the UK, claiming 17,000 lives every year. But few people understand exactly what trauma is or the impact it can have. Barts Charity and Creative Concern have been working together to change that. 

The 2018 Barts Charity trauma campaign was informed by research undertaken by Creative Concern, where we explored levels of awareness of the issue and the charity and what would trigger the general population on North and East London to want to find out more. Lively focus groups, one to one interviews and comparator analysis delivered results that we turned into a compelling campaign strategy, and then a creative campaign. 

The campaign made the issue of trauma real and relatable, and used the elements of shock and hope to inspire support. It also drew attention to the incredible work that is being carried out across Barts Hospital NHS Trust by expressing the investment of time and money that is invested in each and every trauma victim – and the immense skill of the professionals who dedicate their lives to this field of medicine. 

Support the Barts Charity Trauma Appeal (a woman in a car accident)

The campaign ran for a period of eight weeks, across social media channels (with organic and paid for content) and through an extensive programmatic digital campaign. The cornerstone of the campaign was a set of video adverts, which were used extensively across all platforms, but multiple creative treatments and formats were delivered, and insight gathering throughout the campaign period enabled us to refine and improve the targeting and performance of the adverts.  

Trauma appeal gifs

Assets were also developed for the charity to roll out a physical campaign in the hospital sites, including banner displays and literature. 

2,190,000 ad impressions achieved through the campaign.

276,944 views of the campaign films 

Average click through rate of 0.7% achieved on Facebook (compared to an industry benchmark of 0.017%) – with 1.13% being achieved by the end of the campaign 

Increased conversation rate, and income generation rate compared to previous campaigns

Support the Barts Charity Trauma Appeal (a child knocked off their bike)
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