Brompton Bike Hire

Brompton Bike Hire
The beauty of the folding bike
Campaign/Digital strategy/Film production/PR

When Brompton set up a Brompton Dock at Manchester Piccadilly train station, it needed to get people using it. But these bikes fold (we love them!) and there was seen to be a nervousness about using them and cycling across the city centre. 

Utilising our existing cycling and business networks, we devised a promotional campaign comprised of digital marketing, PR, special offers and corporate membership. Features and introductory offers ran in Manchester Confidential and Creative Tourist, digital advertising targeted users in a 30-mile radius of the city centre and we talked to large businesses about staff membership. 

And as for helping people to actually fold and unfold them, we made a short film!

A film we produced explaining how to use Brompton Dock Hire

A 35% increase in registered users in 12 weeks

Eight pieces of editorial

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