Cambridge Children's Hospital

Addenbrooke’s Charity Trust
Building a new world-leading hospital for children of the East of England
copywriting, editorial design, infographics

We have a long standing relationship with Addenbrooke’s Charity Trust (ACT) after working with them and their partners last year to develop the brand for the new Cambridge Cancer Research Hospital.

This year we have continued to work with ACT on a number of projects for the hospitals they raise funds for, and we had the great privilege and pleasure to work on the fundraising brochure for the new Cambridge Children’s Hospital.

Using the existing brochure we developed both the content and design to reflect the ambitions of this ground breaking, world-leading children’s hospital in the East of England. With a stylish editorial layout the document was bought to life with bold blocks of colour, large impactful imagery and meaningful copy. The updated brochure is eye-catching, punchy and concise - bringing to the forefront the impact the hospital has already had on the lives of the children it supports and their families.

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