Changing the story of cancer

Cambridge Cancer Research Hospital
Changing the story of cancer
Branding, logo design, art direction, copywriting, narrative, research
Photography by Benjamin Youd

‘Changing the story of cancer’ is a new brand approach for Cambridge Cancer Research Hospital, a brand-new hospital next to Addenbrooke’s Hospital on the Cambridge Biomedical Campus. It's a collaborative project between Cambridge University Hospitals and the University of Cambridge.

Working with the project partners we developed a brand for the hospital, a new compelling narrative, supporting messaging and suite of brand photography and visual elements. The brand needs the flexibility to appeal to multiple audiences including the patients, global philanthropists, healthcare professionals and political leaders.

What happens at Cambridge Cancer Research Hospital will transform the way cancer is detected and treated across the world. We wanted to encapsulate how this hospital will change the cancer story from early diagnosis, precision medicine, patient treatment and recovery.

We developed a compelling tone of voice, a flexible lead mark that communicates the essence of the hospital’s vision and a graphic application that is expressive, dynamic and bold. The graphic elements emphasise connectivity to highlight the importance of collaboration, along with a storytelling element with a focus on real patients, their families and the medical teams who support them.

The photography by Benjamin Youd was art directed to ensure the warmth and humanity of the shots reflected the lives beyond the hospital to support the storytelling element of the brand narrative.

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