Charity foster carer recruitment campaign

Together Trust
Transforming the way this 150yr old charity recruits foster carers
Campaign creative/social media/website

Creative Concern has over a decade of experience delivering creative recruitment campaigns to help charities and local authorities find more foster carers. Our work with Together Trust draws on the expertise we've developed over this time, and it has enabled us to create a strategic campaign that has transformed the charity's recruitment process.

The campaign is focused on putting the foster carers themselves at the centre of the campaign and highlighting the clear benefits of fostering with the Together Trust. It emphasised the charity status of the organisation, and didn't shy away from the levels of support and benefits that the carers receive, as we knew that this was a key driver for people to enquire.


Tactically the campaign took Together Trust in a different direction to their previous recruitment drives, and encouraged the charity to see the value of longer-led enquiries (i.e. those not yet ready to formally enquire) as well as people who are ready right now to take the next step. We supported the charity to build softer 'contact lists' for these people who may become valid enquirers in the future, developing regular news letters to maintain contact with them, and help build their awareness of, and loyalty to the charity. We also changed the focus of the digital campaign - from a straight "enquire" call to act, to a more gentle "download our free fostering guide." This was critical; it meant many more people were inclined to share some of their details, and take a small step in the process, which left the charity able to begin to nurture that relationship.

The best performing recruitment campaign ever run by the charity

487 sign ups for the fostering guide

310 people joining the wider mailing list (with a subsequent email open rate of 41%)

159 direct enquiries to be a foster carer

The campaign website was also created using Creative Concern's web product specifically for charities and not for profits: Go Live. The site is completely responsive and content management system driven. It allowed the charity to include functionality like banners, image galleries, accordion lists, related content cards, embedded films, webforms and contrast panels, and importantly, to tailor the site very specifically to the needs of prospective enquirers - something that their main charity website didn't offer. It also allowed the team to keep tweaking and testing different layouts and designs to maximum the number of responses.


From start to finish the team have been great to work with - quickly understanding who we are as an organisation and how they could creatively help us shine.

Ali Gunn, Together Trust
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