Internal communications to get back to being Co-op
Film production / Script writing / Animation / Design

When The Co-operative made the decision to rebrand, and return to the Co-op, it wanted to reconnect all its staff with the original values of the organisation. It was a huge internal communications task, and we helped to make sure everyone was engaged, from the shop floor to Funeralcare to the CEO. 

In response, we turned the focus back to the Co-op’s staff, using their voices in a series of films about the Co-op’s values, mission and getting people enthused about the new membership offer. It was a great success and the films are regularly used online, at events, during inductions and on the intranet. 

Putting the people front and centre allowed the Co-op to demonstrate the importance of its staff, and meant everyone who wanted to could be involved – from the newest recruit to the most senior director – and reinvigorated everyone’s commitment to the Co-op way.


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