Comic artists tackle the big questions facing our planet’s future 

Comic artists tackle the big questions facing our planet
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The worlds of research, science and comics were brought together to deliver a powerful message about climate change in a project led by Creative Concern.

Our team commissioned three leading comic creators to collaborate with the CONSTRAIN project, a consortium of 14 European partners tasked with improving near-term climate projections. The artists were chosen due to their interest in the subject, their creative style and the reach their work could gain with new audiences. 

The comics were designed to reach a wide audience, beyond the scientific community. Creative Concern developed the brief for the artists, created the marketing strategy and activated the campaign across social media, online and with a supporitng media relations campoaign. In addition, the comics were showcased at the Lakes International Comic Art Festival and at an exhibition at Leeds University.

The comics were made freely available to read and download from multiple websites and a short print run was also commissioned to feature at UK comic conventions.

The artists involved were award-winning comic creator Darryl Cunningham, satirical comic creators War & Peas from Germany and comic creator, academic and illustrator Sayra Begum. 

The comics gained huge momentum on social media with over 88,000 tracked engagements and an audience reach of over 620,000. The comics generated hundreds of additional shares across social media accounts that could not be tracked. Our conservative estimates are that the comics reached 1.5 million accounts, with 100,000 active engagements. 

88,000 tracked social media engagements
Audience reach of over 620,000.
1.5 million accounts total estimated reach

Pages from Degrees of Change by Darryl Cunningham

In addition, the comics featured in multiple news stories including the Environment Journal, comic podcasts and online magazines.

The comics have sparked climate change conversations across the world with hundreds of comments, saves and shares.

Check out the comics online.

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