Community Energy Together

Community Energy Together
Promoting investment in a cleaner, greener, fairer future
Web design, report layout, naming, branding, toolkit

We’ve been working with Community Energy Together - a group of Community Benefit Societies to support their drive to buy seven operational solar farms, from Shropshire to the Isle of Wight, with a total generation capacity of around 36 megawatts. The total solar portfolio will add 20% to the total of community owned solar in England and Wales.

Our work included the naming of the collective, the development of a group brand identity, alongside the development of key messaging and lead brand copy lines. The brand needed to be flexible enough to work for each of the communities and to reflect the local areas. The creative echoes both the shape of solar panels, working alongside shapes that represent the positive impact of solar.  

Our work included the creation of a campaign website, the development of an animation to encourage investment and the design of their share offer documents. We also provided a comprehensive campaign toolkit to support individual communities with their marketing activity. This included a series of flexible templates and a suite of tools in Canva.

Investment animation for Community Energy Together
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