Creatives for Change

Creatives for Change
Northern creatives raise money to preserve Greater Manchester woodlands
Charity campaign

This year we decided to set up a new design collective which aims to use its creative skills as a force for good, raising money for local charities. The collective called Creatives for Change will be selling artwork produced by 10 Northern design agencies and creatives, around the theme of ‘climate crisis’ to raise money for Greater Manchester woodland charity, City of Trees.

As well as featuring designs produced by Creative Concern’s own team, it also features artwork by creatives at Music, Instruct, Carbon Creative, Design by Day,  Modern Designers, We are Flow, Minute Works, Adam Rix and Leanne Berger. Each with their own take on the theme, from dystopian visions and end of the world psychedelic messaging, to birds breaking free from cages and vegetarian campaign slogans. 

The artwork produced by each agency is available to buy online from the Creatives for Change website.

“The Creatives for Change collective was born out of a desire to join forces with other creatives and together use our skills for good. By addressing some of the biggest challenges our society faces, we can make a difference in our own small way, whilst at the same time raising money for charity. This year we tackle the climate crisis and it’s been incredible to see so many great agencies, designers and illustrators join forces with us and respond with such enthusiasm. It’s really exciting to see our idea coming to life.”

Elizabeth Newell, Head of Design at Creative Concern

Each year the collective will invite creatives to respond to a different challenge with the aim of supporting charity partners. 

Our poster (seen above) is available to buy. All of the creative agencies have given their time for free to support Creatives for Change. This includes the creation of the website. Over £10 from every purchase will go to the fantastic charity City of Trees, the rest will cover the costs of printing, the delivery tube and postage. Help City of Trees plant 3 million trees - buy a print and make a difference! 

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