'Making ourselves heard' - a new brand for disabled people's coalition

Greater Manchester Coallition of Disabled People
Branding a powerful advocacy and campaigning organisation
Brand, copywriting

Greater Manchester Coalition of Disabled People is an organisation of disabled people: run and controlled by disabled people. They campaign, advocate, support and work tirelessly to ensure that equality and accessibility is embedded into society at every level.

Creative Concern started work with GMCDP lin 2021, developing a new brand identity that would express the passion, commitment and determination that the organisation embodies.  The result is a robust logo, a suite a icons, a punchy colour palette and extensive guidelines to support its use.

A significant part of the brand development process was the engagement and consultation carried out with members of the Coalition. Working closely with the GMCDP team and trustees, we explored the real strengths of the organisation, how they are seen and valued and what they want to be known for going forward. As well as informing the visual brand identity, this led to the creation of a powerful set of copylines and a cclear tone of voice, which also became a central part of the brand identity.

"The team at Creative Concern really "got" what our organisation is about and produced graphics to reflect that and help us get our message out. The new logo and designs are forward-looking with a nod to our past.  As a disabled people's organisation, accessibility is paramount. The logos, graphics and brand guidelines take this into account and prove that accessible *and* attractive design are not mutually exclusive."

Orla Judge, GMCDP

The new brand has been designed to be engaging, practical, and – importantly – accessible. It will be used to help the coalition in their day-to-day communications, and to help them engage with a wider audience, including new members and potential partners.

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