EA Technology

EA Technology
From complex concepts to engaging communications
Copywriting/Scriptwriting/Design/Illustration/Animation/Brand development

EA Technology is responsible for many of the most innovative products and services for our power networks. They needed a way to make their technology easier to understand, a way to visualise systems that often can’t be ‘seen’. 

That’s where we came in. Alongside the reports, exhibition stands, information guides and e-marketing we’ve helped EA Technology to produce, we designed and scripted animations and infographics to translate complex information into engaging bitesize pieces. We like to think we’ve made energy technology (even more) fun. 


“Chris and I would both like to thank the team for all of the work you have done on this project especially to meet such a tight deadline. We really do appreciate it.”

Hazel Surguy-Price, Marketing Manager, EA Technology

My Electric Avenue

We’re also really proud of the work we did with EA Tech for My Electric Avenue. This was a brand new trial: getting neighbourhoods and networks together to see how the electricity network would cope with charging clusters of electric vehicles. Our branding and marketing collateral got the message out and encouraged people to sign up. Without this engagement, the trial would have failed before it started. 

Today, My Electric Avenue is seen as a national exemplar on how to run engagement projects.

And EA Tech won the Northern Automotive Alliance innovation Award for My Electric Avenue. 

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