EAGA Fuel Poverty

Brand communications for EAGA Fuel Poverty
Branding/web design/web development/design/copywriting

We’ve been thrilled to work with the Sustainable Housing & Urban Studies Unit (SHUSU) at the University of Salford designing and developing a website to showcase Eaga Charitable Trust’s fuel poverty research since 1993.

Intended as an online legacy the Fuel Poverty Library brings together Eaga’s resources under five key themes: Homes, People, Impact, Approaches and Concepts.

We worked initially on a design approach that would reflect the subject matter and themes, creating a suite of iconography that was recognisable and user friendly. The icons provided a collection of visuals that could then be applied online, in print and animation.

The Fuel Poverty Library was launched at the House of Lords in mid-October and now provides a wealth of diverse and policy relevant information for academics, researchers, professionals and general audiences looking for detailed resources about fuel poverty and its wider impacts.

The Fuel Poverty Library: www.fuelpovertylibrary.info

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