The Bridgewater Canal Company
A brand identity to help open up the canal as a visitor attraction
Branding/Naming/Messaging/Brand toolkit/Web design/Web development

The Salford stretch of the Bridgewater Canal is full of heritage and still full of life. Salford City Council wanted to create a bespoke identity as part of a Heritage Lottery Funded project to open up the canal as a visitor attraction.

This is exactly the kind of brief we like. We got to know the canal through stakeholder engagement, workshops, site visits and research. We discovered the stories of the canal and the surrounding areas, the role it had played in the past and the potential it holds for the future. The year it opened – 1761 – was key. This is when the story began. A brand palette was developed, inspired by Salford’s greatest artist, L.S. Lowry, alongside a range of graphic devices with a nod to the stonemason’s marks.

Taking that as the core of the brand, we developed a bank of superlatives to support the brand marque. A plain talking, contemporary tone, but one that’s not afraid to shout about its achievements as the greatest, finest, biggest and smartest.

After developing the brand, we went on to design and build the Est.1761 website.

"Creative Concern worked sensitively and flexibly with 
our stakeholders, from community groups to corporations. Their methods ranged from one-to-one sessions to floating workshops. Stakeholders felt that they had really listened 
to their concerns and responded at all stages of the process. As a result there was a considerable enthusiasm and 
buy-in. "They made sure that the wide range of views and interests did not compromise the creative process, and delivered a brand that is distinctive and exciting – with great potential to enthuse the local community while attracting a whole new audience."

Shaun Clydesdale, Bridgewater Canal Coordinator, 
Salford City Council
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