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Freshwater Biological Association
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Branding, Logo design, Squarespace build

We developed a refreshed logo, visual identity and new website for the Freshwater Biological Association.

The Freshwater Biological Association is at the forefront of freshwater science, working to help keep our freshwater environments healthy and thriving. The charity has been advancing freshwater science and conservation action since 1929.

Website home page

The organisation needed a logo that worked in the digital world to support their ambitious new strategy, along with a modernised website that was simple for the team to manage and update. The original FBA logo included a small, but distinctive Bosmina (water flea). The refreshed logo emphasised the Bosmina and also provided some additional options for using the Bosmina as a distinctive graphic element.

The new website utilised their existing strong photography, along with a series of species illustrations used in a contemporary and striking style. Our team also developed the online shop, incorporated a donation function and used a range of dynamic layouts to communicate the charity's work, history and the many ways to get involved. 

The reworked FBA logo and wave device

The website was re-structured and streamlined to improve navigation and usability with a clear eye on meeting the requirements of each of the FBA’s main user groups.

The visual identity introduced a new colour palette, in line with their wider visual imagery, a new typeface and a suite of illustrations and graphic elements to provide a comprehensive visual toolkit.

Page dividers using FBA's vast catalogue of scientific sketches

Our freshwaters host 10 times the biodiversity per area than the land and the sea.

Our work with the Freshwater Biological Association continues with support on the development of a new brand narrative.


Mobile view of the FBA history page

Creative Concern went beyond the normal client contract relationship during the development of our website.  It felt like they were part of our team!

They took the time to understand FBA as an organisation, the sector we work in and believed in our conservation and sustainability goals.  This enabled them to create and deliver a wonderful website that will be the focus of our advocacy work to better understand and convey the importance of freshwater ecosystems for people and nature.  

Simon Johnson – Executive Director – Freshwater Biological Association
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