Finding our feet for National Bike Week

Energy Saving Trust
Sustainable transport campaign for the Energy Saving Trust
Campaign, design, film, animation

Our friends at the Energy Savings Trust have low carbon travel as one of their main areas of activity, as well as helping us all save energy in our homes and businesses, and for National Bike to Work Day they wanted a fresh campaign to promote low carbon transport to cut carbon across the UK.  The campaign was designed to encourage a ‘travel hierarchy’ that prioritises walking, cycling, public transport and electric bikes.  

Finding our feet - main campaign film

We loved every step of this campaign, from concept development to copywriting, and the creation of a visual identity and animation. The campaign needed a creative approach that could cover both walking and cycling, be about everyday journeys, and that showed all sorts of different people and groups leaving their cars at home and using more sustainable modes to get to wherever they needed to be. 

Launched in late Summer 2020 across EST’s social media channels, 'Find Your Feet' helps people to consider sustainable travel as the new normal, from walking and cycling to public transport and electric bikes. 

Sustainable Travel film - social media short

The main campaign film has been viewed over 250,000 times on Youtube 

“Within the context of the Covid pandemic, there was a clear opportunity to help people consider their travel choices and the impact on carbon emissions. The video produced by Creative Concern brought together a range of factors with a positive tone, provided effective social media content, and proved to be one of our most watched videos.”
Energy Saving Trust

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