Greater Manchester’s Trees: past, present and future

City of Trees
Celebrating the benefits of trees on Castlefield Viaduct
Copywriting, design, installation

On Castlefield Viaduct – a disused railway line transformed by the National Trust as a green oasis in the heart of Manchester – City of Trees have planted a plot that tells the story of ‘Greater Manchester’s Trees: Past, Present and Future’, with a bed made up of trees that have contributed to the heritage of the region.

Greater Manchester’s trees have brought huge benefits throughout history. As Manchester became the world’s industrial city, manufacturing boomed and pollution sored, trees supported the day-to-day lives of mill workers - making furniture and clogs. Now trees fight our fight against the climate crisis, cooling our towns and cities, improving air quality and locking up carbon.

Creative Concern were approached by City of Trees to help tell this story; as narrators, creative directors and graphic designers. Our designs were brought to life by 3D experts, Stuco.

Layered display panels emulate the City of Trees brand, introducing the work of the charity and historic benefits of trees. Each species of tree found in the plot has its own storytelling panel, fixed to the railway-sleeper bed. Numbered stakes can be found in the bed to help visitors identify each plant.

Photography copyright Jill Jennings.

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