Hospital charity 'Thank you' campaign

Barts Charity
Major charity awareness and fundraising campaign spanning five hospital sites
Strategic campaign/design/installation graphics

We've been proud to work with Barts Charity – the charity supporting Barts Health NHS Trust – for several years now. Over 2019 and 2020, we've been working with the charity to create and roll out their first large scale brand awareness and fundraising campaign across five hospital sites: Newham, Whipps Cross, Mile End, Royal London and St Bartholomew's in London.

The campaign to date includes large wall and window vinyl installations, posters, branded contactless donation points, photography and video of real staff members for use across digital channels.

Real staff members were used prominently as the main campaign feature (and we loved our time meeting many of them as we directed the photo and video shoots!) directly thanking people for donations which make a real difference to the equipment and facilities available across the Barts Health NHS Trust hospitals.


In the first 6 weeks after Newham's launch, over 100 donations were made at the contactless points

Several key elements were developed as part of this campaign; staff images (taken by Noel Murphy photography) remain central, the Barts Charity brand is predominent throughout, but there is a clear accomodation of the NHS Trust's identity. This is a true partnership campaign.

The message is always centred around the impact that a donation has on front line care, and the personal connection between donor and staff member is emphasised with the use of direct quotes.

And the call to action is clear and as simple as possible – reflecting the way the charity wanted to position the fundraising ask. The charity's use of contactless donation points throughout the hospital backs that up – there are minimal barriers to giving, and the act of donating feels like its making a near immediate difference, which of course, it will.


The team has taken the trouble to get to know us and understand what we’re trying to achieve. We’ve found them to be responsive, good value, high quality and genuinely nice people.

Fiona Bickley, Barts Charity

Another aspect of the campaign is the bank of video clips that we've produced for the charity (and shared with them in a way that they can edit and adapt as they need to). These capture Trust colleagues literally saying "Thank you" in fun and lighthearted ways – the charity are using these across their social channels, and to say thank you directly to donors in email communication.

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