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Reaching new audiences through influencers
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We worked with a group of libraries through the Libraries Connected network to develop a new campaign designed to reach a new audience.

The libraries wanted to connect with young people, 13-25 year olds and to demonstrate the relevance of the library offer to them. To start the process we needed some audience insight to explore what would motivate young people to engage and value their local library. We devised and facilitated two focus groups with young people to explore initial campaign concepts and potential campaign propositions.

Social media films created by authors and creatives

The focus groups revealed the need to concentrate our digital marketing on two key channels - Instagram and TikTok and to use short form video as the content to connect with this audience.

As a result of the insight gathering we devised an influencer campaign working with young adult writers, creators and graphic novelists to produce video content giving the audience reading recommendations. The recommendation videos were created in an engaging and inspirational style for use on both Instagram and TikTok.

The campaign was activated through a combination of promoted video content and organic social media reach through the influencer’s own social channels. The library network also had access to the video content library and guidance for use. All of the video content included a clear call to action to encourage young people to visit their local library to make the most of the titles being recommended.

Films were used on TikTok and Instagram

This was a new style of campaign of the library network and seen as a pilot for future campaigns. The results were really positive with some incredible content created and the videos were viewed over 850,000 times. The five week campaign attracted 12,000 likes for the video content and enhanced reach through the influencer’s own social channels.

The campaign methodology is replicable for future campaigns and served to strengthen the links between the library network and both publishers and young authors.

The videos were viewed over 850,000 times during the five week campaign.

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