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Showcasing the personal benefits of your local library
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Working with the London Libraries network and Libraries Connected we launched a campaign designed to encourage people back into their local library. Libraries have experienced a dramatic reduction in visits due to the global health pandemic.

Our team worked with the network to identify the many different reasons people visit their local library. We combined this with some powerful statistics about the scale and breadth of libraries in London.

The campaign highlights that if you live in or near London, you’re in a place with the largest public library network of any city in the world. Across London, 329 libraries are open, free and ready to welcome you. 

Our team developed the campaign brand ‘At the Library’ along with the supporting campaign strategy. We also developed a design toolkit with marketing assets for local library services and developed the campaign website 

The campaign was activated on social media with a paid for an organic social media campaign running on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The campaign was designed to encourage sign-ups for the network newsletter with the incentive of accessing a digital list of the 100 Must Read Novels.

The campaign is currently underway and you can sign-up for more information here

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