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Marie Curie
Using personal stories to support those experiencing grief
Charity film making, story telling and social media content

We’ve worked with one of the nation's best-loved charities, Marie Curie, to produce a series of films to support those experiencing grief. Grief can affect every aspect of someone’s well-being, from physical and mental health to feelings of connectedness and the ability to function at work or school.

The films feature personal stories from Tina, Dan, Tasneem and Ella who share their experiences of grief. The films explore what grief feels like, what helps and how others can support those experiencing grief. The full length films are being used online by Marie Curie’s Information and Support service. We’ve also produced versions for IGTV and social media shorts. 

Tina, Dan, Tasneem and Ella share what helped them with grief

“Working with the team at Creative Concern was a pleasure – straightforward and smooth at every turn. They quickly understood what we wanted from the films, and their interviewing, filming and editing was duly sensitive and skilled, always considerate of the vulnerable subjects while also making sure we got all the footage we needed. They were always collaborative and open to feedback but had a clear vision throughout. I would highly recommend them.”
Eleanor Newland, Senior Content Manager, Marie Curie

Tina, Dan, Tasneem and Ella share their experiences of how family and friends supported them when they were grieving

Support from Marie Curie

Losing somebody close affects everyone differently. Marie Curie have gathered a range of resources to help you cope emotionally as well as handle the practical side of losing someone close to you. Find out more here

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