National Tree Week campaign

City of Trees
Whoever you are you can plant a tree
campaign, digital

Coinciding with National Tree Week, City of Trees wanted to celebrate their current supporters and encourage any non-members to sign-up and get involved with their important climate change movement.

Using various social media channels, the campaign aims to reinvigorate the City of Trees movement and inspire people to do something incredible for the environment by planting trees at home and outdoors.

The campaign celebrates peoples differences while highlighting one core interest that brings all City of Tree members together – their love of trees and nature.

The key message behind this campaign was to amplify that caring for the climate is for everyone and not just for a specific demographic of 'people in wellies'. Whoever you are, you can plant a tree and do something amazing for the environment.

We are facing a climate emergency and it affects all of us, from all walks of life. Tree planting is key in this. It’s not just down to the ‘people in wellies’, anyone can and should get involved.

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