Prosper / University of Liverpool
Inspiring post doctoral researchers to consider careers beyond academia
Brand, design, copywriting, animation

Prosper is a new approach to postdoc career development that unlocks postdocs’ potential to thrive in careers both within and beyond academia. It is a University of Liverpool led initiative (in partnership with the Universities of Manchester and Lancaster).

We were asked by the Prosper team to develop a brand identity ready for their launch in June 2020. We carried out initial research with the client to better understand their core strengths, and then developed key messaging to explain their offer, and designed a comprehesive visual identity to help them stand out in the post doc career development market. A key characteristic of Prosper is the way it links post docs with new and wide-ranging opportunities, while offering extensive support, guidance and resources. The client was keen to have an icon- or pattern-based identity. We created a flexible system of 100 or so individual icon and pictogram 'tiles' which can be combined in many different combinations. These connect with each other to build a picture of the way Prosper links post docs, academia and business, opens doors, creates pathways and allows people and opportunities to flourish. The colour palette is bright and bold, and the design as a whole is intended to differentiate Prosper's direct and groundbreaking approach in the academic sector – the brand stands apart from other post doc and career development schemes.

To help the client create their own branded collateral, we created a set of brand principles; web style guides; and a toolkit of resources, including digital documents and slide decks. We also created a series of animated graphics to help bring the brand to life on Prosper's social media channels.

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