Responsible Finance

Responsible Finance
Gaining recognition in a competitive sector
Stakeholder engagement/Brand Strategy/Naming/Research/Branding/Brand toolkit/Animation

The Community Development Finance Association (CDFA) didn’t feel like it had the brand traction it needed in a competitive marketplace. Its messages were being lost, its language too jargon-heavy and its name forgotten.

Creative Concern provided an external pair of eyes – taking an objective look at the organisation through research and stakeholder engagement at all levels, from the board and trustees to staff and users. 

We rebranded CDFA to ‘Responsible Finance’, with a new look and feel, language and tone of voice to make the organisation more dynamic, attractive and distinct. We understood that many of Responsible Finance’s members often had no, or very limited, communications staff, so we provided templates, toolkits and brand guidelines to make sure everyone could get on board. 

“Our sector is both complex and disparate so required high levels of capability in communicating the purpose, key messages etc. as well as in ensuring those that needed to be were fully engaged. I cannot recommend Creative Concern highly enough, as creative, competent, reliable and very collaborative people to work with.”

Ben Hughes, Chief Executive, Responsible Finance
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