Salford by the Sea

Salford City Council
Exploring the people, places and stories behind the area now known as Salford Quays
Research, copywriting, design, brand identity, website development

Salford Quays has a rich and vibrant history. It is a place that has undergone dramatic change and continues to evolve and re-invent itself. From the engineering feat of the Manchester Ship Canal, to the global media hub of MediaCity – the area now known as the Quays has some incredible stories to tell.

We were commissioned by Salford City Council to develop a digital heritage trail to improve the visitor experience for Salford Quays by bringing heritage to life. The commission included devising a strategy for how and where to tell the heritage stories, informed by community engagement.

The aim was to shine a spotlight on the heritage of Salford Quays, through a collection of stories of this former Manchester and Salford Docks site to reach new audiences, in new ways, illuminating the incredible history that connected Salford and the industries of Northern England to the Atlantic.

Our team undertook extensive research, exploring the archives, talking to academics and historians as well as searching online visual libraries and image banks. In addition, we connected the past to the present and undertook interviews with those who currently enjoy Salford Quays as a place to live, work or spend their leisure time.

The trail explores the people, places and stories behind the area across fourteen trail points that uncover the pioneering spirit, determination and creativity of Salford by the Sea. The walking trail also has a supporting map, designed by our team, along with QR codes located on 'Salford by the Sea' trail signs. Each QR code gives access to stories, images, maps and fascinating facts about the area.

Examples of the heritage trail compositions

Our team came up with the name and visual identity for the trail and designed the trail point design compositions. The trail was also written by our team and appears on the heritage website, designed and developed by Creative Concern. The website has been designed for mobile first and includes rarely seen imagery of Salford Quays that has been re-imagined using the latest colourisation tools to connect the past to the present day.

The heritage trail map

The visual identity for Salford by the Sea was inspired by typographer, Stanley Morison who played a key role in creating some of the design work and posters connected to the Manchester Ship Canal and Salford Docks. His work inspired the typeface ‘Stanley’, which is the font used on the identity for the trail.

One of the heritage trail signs installed

A supporting fold out map has also been developed to promote the trail that visually links to the signage now installed at Salford Quays.

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