Spreading climate positivity

The Eden Project
Spreading climate positivity
Campaign development, digital marketing, film, influencer content

The Eden Project is a globally recognised tourist destination with sustainability and the environment at the heart of its existence. We developed their first campaign to reach a 16-25 year old audience and position The Eden Project as a trusted and credible voice within the climate change space. 

Our brief was to drive awareness of Eden’s mission and to shift perceptions of Eden from a destination in Cornwall to a global movement. This movement should encourage audiences to understand they have agency to make changes to help the planet and that collectively as a movement our actions can be even more impactful.


The Eden Project

We hosted a series of workshop insight gathering sessions with young people to help define the strategy. Our approach was to collaborate with an inspiring group of twelve environmental influencers and develop a strategy based around the idea of ‘Climate Positivity’. Our team identified and recruited the influencers and set the brief for their contributions to the campaign.

We worked with a fantastic and inspiring group of young people campaigning in areas such as sustainable fashion, marine biology, freshwater ecology, plastic pollution, climate anxiety and climate justice.

We collaborated with twelve inspiring climate influencers

The result was a series of films and social content promoted across Instagram and TikTok. The campaign gained 3.1 million video views, reached a total audience of over 8.5 million people. The campaign generated over 69,000 clicks and over 62,000 reactions.


Campaign results:

3.1 million video views
8.5 million people reached
69,000 social media clicks
62,000 reactions generated

The Eden Project has also established ongoing relationships with some of the influencers who have now participated in climate change events and debates. You can pledge to take your own climate actions on the Eden Project website. 

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