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Distinction beyond the curriculum
Naming/Brand development/Brand toolkit/Environmental design/Design/Production/Film production/Copywriting/Scriptwriting/Web development/Interactive design

The University of Manchester knew it offered its students something unique, beyond their core academic area of study. They wanted to identify what made the University of Manchester’s offer attractive and distinctive in order to use this intelligence as a recruitment tool to market the University to prospective students.

The University approached us to help them conduct extensive workshops with staff and prospective students to better understand what their unique offer was. From this, we identified a package of activities we called ‘Stellify’.

‘Stellify’ is a major university-wide programme of activities and opportunities supported by a communications campaign. It seeks to demonstrate how the University equips its graduates with the core attributes needed to make a positive impact on the real world, ranging from social justice, ethical leadership and community action, to global connections and multiculturalism. 

Stellify brand elements

The campaign uses a range of channels from print and display graphics, to a website featuring a pledge wall, email campaign, social media and ambient installations to engage with current students. 

Silver Award
Best Use of Innovation in Education Marketing, HEIST Awards

Stellify website

"Creative Concern has been an exemplary partner in developing a major new concept and identity in support of two of our primary strategic goals at the University of Manchester. Throughout this journey we have found their approach extremely thoughtful, knowledgeable, insightful and extremely creative. It was a pleasure to have Creative Concern colleagues with us to receive a Silver award in the Best Innovation in Education Marketing category at the fiercely competed 2017 HEIST Awards."

Paul Govey, Head of Student Communications and Marketing, University of Manchester
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