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Breathing life back into Strawberry Field
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Over 10 years after the closure of The Salvation Army children’s home at Strawberry Field, The Salvation Army set out to re-open the iconic field as a training centre to help young adults with additional needs, an exhibition centre to tell the story of the site and the Beatles connections, a café for visitors and the local community to enjoy, and spiritual gardens for peace and reflection. Despite putting up a significant amount of funding themselves, The Salvation Army still needed to raise a large amount of money to make the project a reality.

We designed and built a website that explains the vision and tells the story to help raise enough money to make the vision a reality. We also wrote subsequent website content. We knew that the link between Strawberry Field, the Salvation Army and the Beatles would encourage many people to get involved, but balancing the site’s heritage with its future plans for the site would be key. 

As a live project, with worldwide appeal, we created a flexible, accessible and multilingual website that can gradually change over time – from fundraising and awareness-raising in the initial phases to a visitor attraction website in the future. 

We also developed a digital marketing campaign and social media content to engage the different audiences with tailored information about Strawberry Field, its future, and how to get involved. 

Over 25,000 visitors to the website, many down to our digital advertising

2,000 likes, 1,200 retweets and 955,100 impressions on social media, over six weeks of launch activity

“Thank you for all your work on the website. We are delighted with how it looks, and have greatly enjoyed the creative journey we've had with you.”

Vivienne Whitaker, Marketing Manager, Salvation Army
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