Street Engagement Hub – Brand Identity

Street Engagement Hub
Brand identity for an innovative new pilot scheme
Brand Strategy, Logo design

The Street Engagement Hub is a partnership working to support people who beg and cause associated anti-social behaviour. We have been working with members of the street community and partners to co-produce a Street Engagement Hub identity to be rolled out across Greater Manchester.

It was important that the new identity was highly visible in a crowded and demanding environment but also still felt warm and welcoming with the goal of raising the visibility of the Hubs work and helping to distinguish between Hub partner and client. The form of the core mark took its inspiration from double yellow lines and played on the idea of a capital H cradling a lowercase h within it, representating the caring and engaging nature of the organisation. 

Through creating a repeated pattern with the identities emblem, we also developed an accompanying graphic language that used abstract emergency patterns in a way that communicated the instant response service that the hub provides.

We also developed new messaging to encourage people to approach the Hub and get the support on offer. The messaging is supportive, welcoming and non-judgemental, making it clear that the Hub is there to help everyone, no matter what they need.

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