Together Trust

Together Trust
A new look for an established charity
Branding, design, film, photography, campaigns
Photography by Alex Grace

Our work began with Together Trust when we were commissioned to develop their new organisational brand and website. Together Trust is an incredible North West-based charity that supports children and adults with a range of disabilities and needs.

We kicked off with extensive research and consultation with staff; those they support (and their families); partners; and supporters to really understand what made the charity so special, and to capture the essence and core values of the new brand. From workshop sessions to one-to-one interviews, we got to know and love the charity. We also got a strong understanding of what the brand should come to embody.

The visual brand that resulted saw vivid use of colour, reflecting the charities energy, diversity and optimistic outlook for all those they help to support. The brand also placed the core values of the organisation at its heart, with the words forming graphic elements and shapes that weave through branded materials and around photography. A set of key copy lines, all beginning: Together we… form another graphical element of the brand toolkit. One of these – Together we smile – underpins the charity’s logo. It’s a positive, joyful motif that uses a painterly style smile that expresses what Together Trust live by: everyone has a right to a joyful, meaningful life.

Brand photography was commissioned and we worked with the photographer, Alex Grace, to capture the real characters of some of the people Together Trust supports.

With the brand in place, we continued to work with the team to develop their new website. With a focus on simplifying the online experience for users, the structure uses the principle of core landing pages and quick links, to aid a diverse range of web visitors as they explore this complex and multi-faceted organisation. The design has been developed to be as accessible as possible for the many Together Trust stakeholders, and ensures that information is provided in as many formats, lengths and styles as possible.

We’ve worked with Creative Concern on our new brand and website, which launched in our 150th anniversary year. From start to finish the team has been great to work with – quickly understanding who we are as an organisation and how they could creatively help us shine. This year is a huge milestone for us and the team have created a brand that really celebrates our work and the people we support, helping propel us into the next 150 years.

Ali Gunn, Together Trust

We’re thrilled our work hasn’t ended there – Creative Concern devised the charity’s most successful foster carer recruitment campaign, planning and executing a series of creative digital ads across a social platforms, driving traffic to a bespoke microsite designed to build longer term leads, rather than just immediate enquiries as the charity’s strategy had been in the past.

Creative Concern has also created a range of different films for Together Trust, capturing the incredible characters and spirit of some of those who are supported by the charity along with the charity’s colleagues, and providing compelling content for online, events and campaigns.

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