The University of Leeds

The University of Leeds
Communicating sustainability on campus... and beyond
Copywriting/Design/Web design/Web development/Animation

The University of Leeds takes sustainability seriously. It is something that is embedded throughout the campus and curriculum, and taken beyond into local and global communities. The university wanted to stand out in a busy educational sector and be recognised for its commitment.

Our expertise enabled us to work with the sustainability team to write and design – using Scriberia’s distinctive illustrations – its Sustainability Strategy, ‘Becoming the Architects of Possibility’. We defined four core themes under which to organise a set of commitments, all of which will go towards creating a university where sustainability is truly embedded through knowledge, engagement, collaboration and innovation. We also designed and built the accompanying sustainability website, where the team can report on progress, share events and get students and staff involved with its activities. 

Nominated for a Green Gown Award 2017: Sustainability Reporting

The visual identity we created with Scriberia is now used to communicate all the different aspects of sustainable activities across the university

The following year, we wrote and designed the university’s Sustainability Annual Report. Following the same themes, and with updated illustrations from Scriberia, we outlined the progress to date and the work still to be done. 

Photography by Jill Jennings
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