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Crafting a visual identity to drive forward new ideas promoting sustainable development
Internal toolkit, Identity

For over 60 years, The University of Manchester has been at the forefront of Development Studies and The Global Development Institute continues to drive forward new ideas promoting sustainable development and social justice for all. The world is changing fast and the idea of ‘development’ with it. More people have been lifted out of poverty than ever before and life chances have improved for billions. Yet many are being left behind without access to basic services, while future progress is threatened by growing inequalities and the impacts of climate change.

GDI approached Creative Concern to help develop a consistent visual identity that would work across their communications and to help distinguish themselves from similar development organisations. With the majority of GDI communications being produced in house using Canva, it was important their assets were flexible and easily editable so they could be deployed creatively across different channels. The visual identity also needed to sit comfortably within the overarching University of Manchester's brand identity, whilst providing a distinctive style for the GDI and its research communications.

GDI colour palette

We developed a series of globe centred patterns inspired through the clothing, architecture and culture of the global south. Complimentary additional brand colours were taken from the same source of imagery, and then used alongside the University of Manchester's colour palette. The assets are to be used as one collective toolkit allowing for the identity to flex to the demands of any given template and comms materials.

Graphic device
All circular/globe variations increasing in complexity
Report covers

We really enjoyed working with the team at Creative Concern. We found them very easy to work with and they completely understood the complexity of what we needed. The visual identity and assets they created are great and work brilliantly across our channels.

Emma Kelly, Digital Communications Officer - The Global Development Institute

Tool asset guidelines
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