Uprising vote campaigns

Every vote matters
Social media campaign/Copywriting/Design/Digital strategy

In the run up to the UK General Election in 2015, UpRising approached us to develop a social media campaign to encourage young people to register to vote… and then go out and vote!

The lack of youth engagement in politics is becoming a significant issue for all political parties. We consulted with young people to find out what would encourage them to vote, the issues that mattered to them, and where they get their information. From this, we devised content for five creative campaigns to run on Twitter and Facebook, again checking in with young people to make sure they were hitting the right tone.

After the success of this campaign, we worked with UpRising again to run a similar campaign before the EU Referendum. 

31 young ambassadors used the social media campaign toolkit

1.5 million total reach on Twitter

7,700 people went on to vote as a direct result of the campaign

“It is always a pleasure to work with Creative Concern. They have a great ability to understand exactly what it is we are looking for. They innovate creative solutions that appeal to our target audiences, subsequently enhancing the work that we do.”

Lydia Bolwell, Marketing and Communications Manager, UpRising
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