VOCAL Brand Identity

Helping to bring people and research together
Branding, Campaign, Content, Copywriting, Strategy

Vocal brings together patients, carers, artists, researchers, scientists and others health professionals to share their views, expertise and lived experiences. Through doing so, Vocal develops and delivers innovative services and creative award-winning programmes that enhance health and research for the benefit of everyone.

We love creating brands that actively bring stakeholders into the process, so that everyone feels part of the process and everyone can be brand ambassadors right from the start. And that's why we're really proud of our work with Vocal.

Previously known as Public Programmes the organisation wanted a complete change to their brand — everything including the name.



"As we were deciding how to improve our organisation and make our work more accessible to everyone, it was clear that we needed to listen more to a wider range of people and understand what they wanted from us." Annie Keane, Manager, Vocal

Taking the feedback into consideration we created clear and distinctive tone of voice and a brand identity that brings vibrant colours and imagery together to tell the story in a welcoming and visually engaging way. The result was Vocal, a vibrant brand with people at its heart. Through extensive consultation with over 300 people – through workshops, interviews, and surveys – we co-created a brand that really works.

We also worked closely with the team after the initial branding process to develop comprehensive guidelines and templates. This gives them control of their communications, saves time and helps retain the integrity of the brand.

We’re pleased to still be working with Vocal team on their next stage of development including developing the communications strategy, social media audit, staff training and the brand launch, which is happening virtually on social media during lockdown.

"As a valued member of the team, I’ve been involved in the procurement process for the rebrand project right though all engagement and delivery stages and I hope and believe that my involvement has made a real impact. We’ve achieved a genuine partnership and co-design – NOT a tick box exercise." Grace McCorkle, BRAG and Manchester Clinical Research Facility Executive, Vocal


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