Wadden Sea

Wadden Sea
Celebrating the value of world heritage
Design/Illustration/Copywriting/Web design/Web development

Spanning 500km of the Dutch, German and Danish coastline, the Wadden Sea is a truly extraordinary World Heritage Site.

Our challenge is to communicate the universal value of World Heritage to an international audience and to celebrate the uniqueness of the Wadden Sea. This involves ensuring scientific and technical information hits the mark when it lands with their target audiences. This led to the development of its brand paper, toolkit, messaging matrix and a multi-language website.

We redeveloped their international website after an extensive research and development phase. The site builds on their brand and has the twin approach of promoting the area to visitors and showcasing the extensive scientific conservation work underway in the area. The site is multilingual, in four languages with an adaptable design system to accommodate a variety of content. 

We continue to support the team in strengthening their brand presence and communicate the wonders of the Wadden Sea to a global audience.

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