War on Want

War on Want
Poverty is political
Web design / Web development / Research / Content planning / Messaging

War on Want was looking for a complete overhaul of its website and online communications. The work began with a period of research including team workshops, an online survey and a series of interviews with website 'super users'. From here, we developed a content plan, an information hierarchy and advised on messaging and content style.

In addition, we developed a series of illustrations and web graphics to strengthen the online visual brand. The website itself is fully responsive and is used daily by up to fifteen members of the project and campaign team.

The end results have been extremely positive with an increase in mobile use, an increase in ‘actions' being taken online and positive feedback from members and users. We’ve also been retained to provide ongoing support for new developments as the website continues to evolve to support War on Want’s many campaigns.

Around 65,000 visitors per month.

Increase in 'actions' being taken online

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