Wigan Council
Taking Wigan's bold vision into 2030
Copywriting/strategy/planning/design/art direction/photography/web design
Photography by Duncan Elliot

Wigan Council commissioned us to craft, design and launch a new vision for the economic future of the borough, which we launched with them in March 2019 through a new prospectus, website and breakfast event with North West Business Insider.

The online hub, WE ARE WIGAN, and bespoke prospectus illustrate the essence of Wigan featuring bold visuals that playfully integrate the 'W' from the word Wigan. This graphical element playfully evolves and begins to become a pattern that sits as the essence of the place brand look and feel. A suite of imagery was also developed to work alongside these graphical elements capturing portraits of dynamic local entrepreneurs and businesses captured by photographer Duncan Elliot.

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