World Green Building Week

World Green Building Council
WGBW 2019 campaign
PR, design, animation, copywriting, campaign planning

We worked with the World Green Building Council on its 2019 World Green Building Week campaign, which took place between 23-29 September 2019. 

The campaign focussed around the theme of total carbon emissions and considers the complete lifecycle of a building. 

Across the world today, buildings and construction together account for 36% of global final energy use and 39% of energy-related carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions when upstream power generation is included.


The World Green Building Council’s focus was, in the words of marketing communications director Angela Howarth, “on a future in which every building in the world emits zero carbon emissions, eliminating the building and construction sectors’ reliance on fossil fuels which are causing irreversible damage to the planet.”

The new look incorporated a series of architectural shapes that created impact without referencing a particular building style or vernacular, in order to elucidate and illuminate the six stages in the lifecycle of any half-decent building: produce; design; use; build, deconstruct and re-use.



It was essential that the identity could work across a multitude of formats and platforms whilst also effectively adapting to different languages and cultural sensitivities. The design process resulted in a toolkit of parts which organisations from around the world could use and adapt to show their support for World Green Building Week. The materials produced were distributed across a worldwide network of almost 70 national Green Building Councils ahead of this year's World Green Building Week.


"the design is brilliant, it is a wonderful reference to the Bauhaus celebrations. I think you have done a great job."

Magda, Poland

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