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Branding a children's hospital
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Introducing Sunny - the centre of the Barts’ universe

We were delighted to work on the creation of a new brand for the largest provider of children’s health services in London. 

Barts Health NHS Trust provides care for 2.5 million patients in east London and beyond and comprises of 5 hospitals (The Royal London, St. Bartholomew’s, Whipps Cross, Mile End and Newham), and a range of community services. 

The service was delivering amazing care but was suffering from the lack of a coherent, unified children’s services identity. This lack of identity was negatively impacting on the services ability to gain the recognition and support it deserved.

We worked closely with the team at Barts Health NHS Trust and Barts Charity to develop a children’s services identity within the overarching brand hierarchy. Through extensive consultation, insight gathering and collaboration with both teams we developed a new name ‘Young Barts Health’, a strong messaging narrative and a new design identity for children’s services. 

The identity solution was centred around ‘Sunny’ a new character mascot for Young Barts Health. Sunny brings the Sunshine - they are the centre of the Young Barts Health universe. All care revolves around them. Our approach is for Sunny to become synonymous with Young Barts Health and to be the public facing symbol used with all audiences from patients and families to fundraisers, staff and politicians.

Sunny embodies the broad range of emotional experience that a child at hospital can have. The character is expressive and can be used in a wide variety of creative executions. Whether it’s a simple thumbs up, or a joyful jump into the air, these gestures can add real energy and personality to the visual identity. 

Sunny celebrates everyone. The character has been developed to be inclusive and to celebrate the diversity of life and culture.

Our work included the creation of a comprehensive identity toolkit and a range of ‘Sunny’ character assets, along with a comprehensive guide on the brand hierarchy and key messaging. Critically, the identity has also been created to work within the NHS master brand guidance. 

We are delighted that Sunny is already bringing sunshine to children across East London and beyond.

“We presented Creative Concern with a challenging brief to develop a global brand for our children’s services. From the outset, Creative Concern approached the brief with a positive attitude and a clear, structured plan. They injected huge levels of patience and creativity throughout the project and delivered a brand that exceeded our brief (and expectations!). I would happily work with Creative Concern again, and would not hesitate to recommend them to others.”

Meg Skinner, Deputy Director of Communications
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