Campaigns for charities

Since we started out in 2002, Creative Concern has worked with charities from across the UK, tackling a whole range of different creative communications challenges.

From small, locally-focused charities providing much-needed services, to some of the biggest household charity brands we have helped to create and strengthen charity brands, devise effective campaigns, engage colleagues and reach out to donors and supporters. 

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We care about what you do

We are fired up about the work that charities do – on the ground, in our communities – and the huge difference charities can make for the audiences they serve. We admire the expertise charities have and how they carry out vital services, pioneering initiatives and excellent fundraising campaigns, often with limited resources and budgets.

We work with charities to better communicate the work they already do. We provide the 'fresh eyes', the new energy or the additional capacity that charities sometimes need to get a new brand campaign or project off the ground. Can we do the same for you?

Let us help you...

  • Create and position brands

  • Devise new campaigns

  • Create effective engagement tools

  • Change perceptions

  • Shift behaviours

  • Recruit more donors

  • Launch an initiative

  • Transform your social media activity

Some of our work with charities

Libraries Connected

Our work with the Society of Chief Librarians (SCL) resulted in a new name – Libraries Connected – and an exciting new visual identity to serve the organisation as it became a sector support organisation for the UK’s public libraries. 

We began with a period of extensive research and consultation with diverse stakeholders. Once a shortlist of names was created, we embarked on a further period of testing and consultation to decide on the correct route. Libraries Connected proved a clear winner and once this was confirmed, the visual identity development began. 

Our subsequent identity invokes the heritage and reputation of the organisation, but speaks loud and clear in a contemporary context. Since brand approval, we have provided a suite of marketing and communications collateral, stationery and the design and build of the organisation’s website.

Barts Charity

Barts Charity Trauma campaign

Barts Charity (the charity supporting St Bartholemew’s Hospital and Barts Health in London) has a bold ambition to increase public awareness of the charity, and increase income from this audience over the next three years.

We have worked with the charity for 18 months, conducting detailed analysis of their previous campaign work, carrying out research with their stakeholders and then developing and delivering a high impact public facing advertising campaign focused around the issue of trauma treatment.

With high impact creative built on audience insight and testing, and a strategy that focused on digital channels, we worked the charity’s budget hard to realise a campaign reach and engagement that far exceeded anything that the charity has achieved previously. Together, we have helped them increase their public profile and fundraising.

2,190,000 ad impressions achieved through the campaign

276,944 views of the campaign films

Increased conversion rate, and income generation rate compared to previous campaigns

Barts film developed by Creative Concern

The Anne Frank Trust

The Anne Frank Trust wanted a refreshed design approach to their Annual Review, looking to see how their brand and fantastic work could be showcased in a more dynamic way. We helped them showcase their achievements with a range of illustrative infographics supported by case studies and quotes from schools around the country that have benefitted from being involved in their engagement programme.

We have also taken one of their key programmes of activity – the Anne Frank Ambassadors – and brought it to life with a bespoke animation. This has involved developing the illustrative style we used in the review and detailed illustrative character development.

The Salvation Army

Salvation Army

Over 10 years after the closure of The Salvation Army children’s home at Strawberry Field, The Salvation Army set out to re-open the iconic landmark – but needed to raise a large amount of money to make the project a reality.

We designed and built a website, and wrote the subsequent content, that explains the vision and tells the story to encourage individuals and organisations to support the initiative. As a live project with worldwide appeal, we created a flexible, accessible and multilingual website that can gradually change over time – from fundraising and awareness-raising in the initial phases to a visitor attraction website in the future.

We also developed a digital marketing campaign and social media content to engage different audiences with tailored information about Strawberry Field, the project, its future, and how to get involved.

Over six weeks of launch activity, our digital advertising pointed many people to the Salvation Army's website and social media.

The website recieved over 25,000 visitors in the first 6 weeks and across the Salvation Army social media channels they received 2,000 likes, 1,200 retweets and a total of 955,100 impressions.

Woodland Trust

When the Woodland Trust purchased the Smithills site in Bolton in 2015, the organisation felt that its low profile in the area meant it couldn’t easily build relationships with stakeholders, and brought us in to create a programme of stakeholder research and engagement to better understand how the Smithills site is used and perceived.

Following the research and development, we were able to advise on the key messages the Woodland Trust needed to push out to local people and the tools that would prove most responsive. We subsequently created a digital and print advertising campaign, a film for online use and a television advert to raise the profile of Smithills and the Woodland Trust and support their ongoing fundraising activity.

“We have worked extensively with Creative Concern in developing and communicating our project plans for the Trust's largest site in England. Whatever the range of communication skills and expertise required by the Trust we have found Creative Concern delivered with imagination and professionalism but also with warmth and passion.”

Mark Gordon, Project Lead for the Woodland Trust at Smithills Estate
Woodland Trust film created by Created Concern

We supported the Trust in one of their most significant public fundraising campaigns; raising £250,000 from existing and new supporters, and a total of £1.5m across the full fundraising campaign.

Mines Advisory Group (MAG)

We are incredibly proud to have worked with MAG on a number of engaging documents that raise awareness within its many different audiences. From policy documents and annual reviews to thought leadership pieces, we drew on MAG’s bank of incredible photography and worked to strengthen the organisation’s brand to make it more distinctive and appealing to donors.

Why Us?

We believe that creative, compassionate and compelling communications can make the world a better place. Whether it's design, content, film or digital, Creative Concern is an agency where great ideas and good values go hand in hand. 

Please do get in touch. We would be happy to meet with you to learn more about your organisation and any communications challenges you may have on the horizon.

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