Arts and culture sector

Since 2002 we’ve been involved in promoting arts and culture through everything from strategies highlighting the value of the sector to creating names and identities for new cultural destinations.

We’re passionate about arts and culture and the role it plays in our communities. We believe arts and culture can bring people together, push forward social change, engage the harder to reach and enrich the places where we live. And, let’s face it, we love great theatre, music, exhibitions and festivals… and it’s lovely to be able to work with the people that create them. 

That’s why we’ve helped all kinds of organisations on challenges of all shapes and sizes to create and strengthen their brands, diversify their audience and promote specific events and performances. We also love working with existing and potential audiences to find out their motivations and interests and make them part of the process through surveys, workshops and discursive events.


Let us help you…

  • Create and position or reposition your identity
  • Devise a campaign for an event, festival or production
  • Build a stronger narrative
  • Transform your social media
  • Engage with audiences and stakeholders
  • Enhance your in-house team skills


HOME launch film

When Manchester’s Cornerhouse and Library Theatre merged, it needed a new name and a new identity. We worked with OStreet Studios to develop a striking new brand that would resonate with loyal audiences as well as attract new ones. 

Following extensive research and audience engagement, we developed a brand personality in ‘The Play of Ideas’ and a new name, ‘HOME’, which was both challenging and welcoming.

Since the initial brand development, we have worked closely with their marketing team on a number of creative projects including the creation of a range of production images including Romeo & Juliet, Ghosts, Angel Meadow, Uncle Vanya and Circle Mirror Transformation.

Lakes Culture

Lakes Culture animation

We have worked with Lakes Culture since 2015 when we were commissioned to design and develop a new blog-style website and social media content plan to promote the organisation’s distinctive brand.

Following the success of this campaign, we were invited to work on Lakes Ignite 2016 where we developed a toolkit of promotional materials, creating online and social media content and reaching new audiences through digital marketing.

Over 2017 and 2018 we were happy to continue our partnership with Lakes Culture working across digital, social media and PR on a number of projects.

Streetwise Opera

Streetwise Opera webpage designed by Creative Concern

With One Voice is an international movement that aims to strengthen the arts and homelessness sector through exchanges in practice and policy.

The movement needed a way to share information about arts and homelessness projects across the globe in a clear, easy-to-manage way. 

We developed the idea of an online map, where people can upload their own initiatives, and others can easily search by location or type of project. The map connects people with useful contact info, resources and an evidence libaray which is accessible to all. The website is multilingual and easy to navigate, manage and update – perfect for a busy international movement. 

Streetwise Opera live map

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